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Meng lives in Makapu Village below Mt. Makapu in the northern region of the Earth Kingdom, and is the young assistant for Aunt Wu the fourtune teller. Part of her job includes greeting Aunt Wu's guests and bringing them snacks.


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Meng is a bit younger (and shorter) than Aang, and also had a major crush on him from the moment they first met. Part of this crush may have been influenced by Aunt Wu, who prophesied that Meng was destined to marry a man with big ears. The fact that "Meng" and "Aang" sound similar also seemed important. Throughout the day Meng stalked Aang and dropped giant hints of her crush on him, but he stayed oblivious. Or worse, he used her ideas to try impress Katara.

Young as she may be, however, she is observant enough to recognize that Aang does not share her feelings for him. Meng shows no bitterness toward him when he tells her this and instead helps Aang obtain the copy of Aunt Wu's cloud reading book that he seeks. With it, Aang could convince the villages that Mt. Makapu was about to erupt and, in doing so, would destroy the village.

Even though she's not related to Aunt Wu, Meng looks up to her mentor and thinks of her like her grandmother. And although Meng is a little clumsy, she does make some delicious bean curd puffs. At the end of The Fortuneteller , Aang , Katara and Sokka leave, Meng waves to Katara but as she leaves, Meng mutters that Katara is a "Floosy".

Trivia Edit

  • Jessie Flower, Meng's voice actress, also plays Toph.